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Auch is the historical capital of Gascony that dates far back, Gascony is now called Gers.  It is just one hour to the west of Toulouse and it is two hours away from Bordeaux.  This is a place that is well known for its medieval centre which is a different reason why people come to Midi-Pyrénées vacation rentals.

The name comes from the Aquitanian tribe who use to inhabit the area where the town lies now, this was around the time of the Roman conquest in the 50s BC.  According to the Romans the name of this tribe was Ausci

The Cathedrale Saint Marie which is also called Auch Cathedral is a national monument of France that is a catholic cathedral also it is the seat to the Archbishop of Auch.  The construction of this cathedral start in 1489 and it wasn't completed until two centuries later.  In the cathedral is a a suite that has hand carved oak stalls and 8 Renaissance styled stained glass window that were done by Arnaud de Moled.  There is also a façade that is connected to two 16/17th century towers that are also in a Renaissance style.  Recently it has been put up for nomination on the UNESCO site to be listed as part of the 'Worldwide Cultural Heritage on the roads to Compostella'

The cathedral is located in the town's main square but there are other things here as well for example the tourist office that lies on one of the corners of the main square.  It is seen as one of the nicest buildings in town.  Which is no surprise as the building has stood the test of time since the 15th century.  From here you can get a few guides that will help you walk through town, for example there is a red route guide which will take you on a 45 minute walk through the medieval centre and there is also a green guide which is a 45 minute walk that will take you around the town.

Some of the other sites that the tour will show you is the Escalier Monumental which is a staircase that leads you down to the lower part of Auch.  This is a grand set of staircase which look beautiful and you certainly will want to take a picture of and on them.  The Staircase measure up at 35 metre and has 234 steps.  From the top ODF the stairs you will get a spectacular view of the Gers valley with the backdrop of the Pyrenees.  At the bottom of the stairs is a bronze statue of d'Artagnan, here was one of the king's musketeers and was born within a short distance of Auch.  Also on one of the guides you will see the Tour d Armagnac which was a prison in the 14th century this had a tower which had seven upper floors.

There are many more attractions that you can see in this medieval town such as the town hall which also is home to a theatre or Musée des Jacobins which is a museum that has collections of art that come from various parts of the world.  Auch is a brilliant place with culture and you should definitely visit.

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Look Auch for This Town

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This article was published on 2010/12/23