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Great Yarmouth is a town in Norfolk, England. It is a town that is at coast with the river. Most people refer to Great Yarmouth as 'Yarmouth'(for short). It is in the root of the River Yare (which is 20 miles east of Norwich). Ever since 1760 it has been a seaside resort which sea is a gateway for ships to Norfolk Broads, and since then the town was known to be a fishing port. Much of the fishers relied on the herring fishery (which nowadays provides natural gas rigs). Today this fishing port town is known to have attractions such as a popular nice beach and two promenades. The town has an awful lot of good sight places to visit.

History of Yarmouth

This town dates all the way to Henry I when a permanent settlement was made as many fishermen from the Cinque Ports were attracted. A popular grammar school was known to be founded on 1551 (using the place of the great hall of the old hospital, which was founded first by Edward I. On 1808 to 1814 with the new technology of the telegram London's Admiratly could communicate with Yarmouth's ships. A tragedy in the town was known to take place on may 2 1845, when a bridge crowded with children collapsed killing 79. This occurred because there was a clown show in the river under the bridge, and the bridge collapsed due to underweight.

Attractions in Yarmouth

You can find attractions in Yarmouth such as the Tollhouse dungeons (Known to be the oldest civic building in Britain dating back to the 13Th century), the market place, Market Gates (The town's shopping centre), Yarmouth's piers, Britannia and Wellington Pier.

Beach of Yarmouth

There is a nice beach in Yarmouth called the 'pop' beach in the Westen-super-mare area. This is a popular beach known to have music festivals hosting bands such as Emma Bunton, McFly and Blue on the stage, and much more. This festival brought over 2000 people, however in 2005 the festival changed its name to T4 on the beach.

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The Town of Great Yarmouth

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